Fairtrade Certification

Fair Trade ou Comércio Justo é uma certificação que representa responsabilidade social, sustentabilidade e competitividade para os pequenos produtores de café e tem como fim garantir a igualdade no comércio internacional.

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Social projects are people and communities quality of life improvement instruments and at the same time they’re citzenship actions that when put into practice change our surroundings in a positive way.

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Environment is an inheritance deeply important to all human beings. Taking care of it means to ensure health and quality of life for all of us and for the gererations to come.

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COOMAP is represented in the Specialty Coffee Association Expo in Europe and in cupping session in Germany

From June 13th to 15th COOMAP participated in the Specialty Coffee Association Expo in Europe. This year’s edition of the event took place in Budapest, Hungary. During the 3-day event COOMAP was able to get in touch with current clients, check market trends, participate in cupping sessions and get to know new clients. After this […]

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Guided Visit to UNIFENAS

  A group of teenagers from Paraguaçu went to Unifenas last June 30th in for a guided visit through the university of Alfenas, Minas Gerais. During this event, the young ones were able to know Unifenas buildings, talk to professors, solve doubts about the courses, visit labs and classrooms. Soon we’ll have more tours. This […]

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